aims for eco-friendly innovation through cold chain solution
and applications that can transform disposable
products to multiple and recyclable ones


Reusable container solutions and services provide

customers with delightful benefits and the sense of fulfilment

based on responsibility and trust.

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Practicing the use and return of reusable containers
is the first step to make the earth greener.
Number of reusable container used
Carbon emission reduced
by replacement with reusable articles

Subscription-Collection of Reusable Containers

With the smart cold chain solution, we make the earth a more beautiful place for all.

Eco Friendly

SYNTRO Valley a leading company of eco-friendly ecosystem.

SYNTRO Valley provides an eco-resources circulation supporting service which, based on a reuse solution, improves the problems in using the existing disposable containers

Smart Cold Chain Solution

A smart subscription-delivery-collection service.

Based on the optimized temperature control solution, we provide an IoT management service for all processes of the business from product quality and delivery to collection and cleaning of the containers.


Creating recycling consumption culture together
with consumers, businesses, and local governments.

SYNTRO Valley aims to provide convenience to customers, cost reduction and ESG management effect to businesses, and waste and carbon reduction effect to local governments, and strives to recycling consumption culture with them.

Clean & Safety

Priority in hygiene and safety management for customers

We are committed to customers’ trust in SYNTRO Valley products through strict hygiene, cleaning, and temperature management.

Beyond Reusable
to Eco Cycle

SYNTRO Valley is a company specializing in a reusable constraint subscription-collection service.
We are creating a healthy eco-cycle ecosystem through Re:ond platform that connects delivery, cleaning and logistics.


AI Solution
  • AI-based deduction of efficient logistics transfer routes
  • AI vision-based reusable product quality control
  • Standardization and optimization of logistic data

SYNTRO Valley desires to create a new order and more convenient consumption culture with consumers, businesses, and local governments.

SYNTRO Valley was established with the goal of leading an environmentally friendly ecosystem that is valuable for co-existence with a new order in the mixture of destruction of environmental resources due to disposable waste and various IT technologies.
Contactless culture due to COVID-19, delivery culture supported by IT technologies, and the growth of excessive packaging of fresh food due to global warming have resulted in the vicious economic cycle, or the increase of disposable waste. Considering these, we strive to develop recycling solutions, to build a new consumption culture that reduces waste through no packaging-distribution system, and further to make a meaningful contribution to the environments of the earth.

CEO Choi Dong-ho

Reusable Container Subscription/
Collection Partnership


A Service We Create with Consumers


Please contact us at any time for more information about
SYNTRO Valley products and services, and how to enjoy them.

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